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11-28-2016, 02:35 AM
I almost agree with him.

Let California Go
Robert Oscar Lopez

...California is a different country. They know it, we know it, and the Lord has certainly noticed. The other 49 states are far worse for being burdened with this swollen modern-day mess....

New York could raise up a Donald Trump in the blue-collar outer boroughs that still have a little of that American grit, but California will never raise up another Reagan, and it is doubtful that the state can raise anything other than sex-obsessed lunatics. Every race and culture that sets down roots in California suddenly has to be dominated by its LGBT members -- just see how Latino politics at the state level has been taken over by Jimmy Gomez, who introduced a bill to abolish mothers and fathers on birth certificates, and Ricardo Lara, who introduced a bill that would allow LGBT students to sue Christian colleges for standing by biblical sexuality.

"Civil rights" in California means the right to genetically engineer children for couples in sterile same sex pairs. "Women's rights" in California means the right to abort babies, sell baby parts, and raid David Daleiden's home with the approval of the state attorney general....

I say, let California go. It is true that the state has a great deal of money and natural resources, but the rest of the country has more of each. The last time a state seceded, there was a civil war, but this time there wouldn't be one. ...

11-28-2016, 03:11 AM
Coming from West Texas the culture shock was severe, to say the least. I was a bass player in a cover band. Got to meet Willy Brown at a charity gig when he was an Assemblyman (I think that was the term then). I actually worked on one of the few drilling rigs Operating in that area as my day job. After about a year and a half I'd had my fill. Such a beautiful State, but such a devolved cultural wasteland. I think if they want to leave let's open the door for them.

Adam Wood
11-28-2016, 03:35 AM
From a land-mass perspective, though, most of California has no interest in leaving. It's only about a dozen counties up and down the coast that really want nothing to do with the United States.

So, let the Bay Area and the L.A. Basin secede. We'll keep a port at San Diego and all of the farming country from about Barstow up to about Modesto, along with all of that forestry and farming north of Sacramento. We can put a tariff on wine from Napa.

11-29-2016, 02:36 AM
I've made a couple visits to CA that I really enjoyed. So much to see & do. From Death Valley to the Northern Coast I've never been disappointed.

cadillac shark
11-29-2016, 01:37 PM
Tons of great places and people. I feel sorry for 'em though. -Not being able to keep a lot of the money they earned.

11-29-2016, 02:55 PM
No. California gets to leave as much as Texas got to in 2012.

11-29-2016, 05:19 PM
Tons of great places and people. I feel sorry for 'em though. -Not being able to keep a lot of the money they earned.

Tell me about it!