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11-14-2008, 01:17 PM
...Johnny Henry of Laurel has developed the vibrating toilet seat.

“I believe in thinking out of the box,” Henry said. “I wanted to create something that is a little unusual.

“This invention is designed to stimulate,” he said. “It’s to make you feel good while you are there.”

Because of Henry’s invention, he recently attended the Invent Bay International Inventors Convention held at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“It was great,” Henry said about the convention. “You get to meet with licensers, buyers and investors, and I got a chance to promote my product. ... It was really nice.”

Also while at the convention, Henry, a native of Soso, made a pitch for the Jay Leno Show and The Discovery Channel.

Henry said he currently has a provisional patent on the product, however, “hopefully I’ll get on one of the shows and be able to introduce my product to a national audience.”

Henry said the vibrating toilet seat “is a novelty item that can also be used as a gag gift.”

When asked how he developed the idea, Henry said he “wanted to add some life to the otherwise lifeless toilet seat.” ...link (http://www.leadercall.com/features/local_story_318104251.html?keyword=topstory)

I am sure that it has some redeeming features but I just can't see them.

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The Japanese will be all over this concept.

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There are sooo many jokes here . . . I just don't know where to start . . . .

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The Japanese will be all over this concept.
They already have and if a 'round eye' pushes the wrong button they are on their own !Selecting the high water pressure option will put you into orbit !

"Man a serious malfunction in the design of the computer could be devastating .If the sensors detected a very heavy man on the seat and confused him with a very fat woman needing her privates parts pressure cleaned he could be in for some severe pain !"

Japanese bidets

A high-end wireless toilet control panel with 38 buttonsThe modern toilet in Japan,
in English sometimes called Super Toilet, and commonly known in Japanese as Washlet (Washlet?) or as warm-water cleaning toilet seat ( onsui senjō benza?) is one of the most advanced type of toilet worldwide, showing a dazzling array of features.

The TOTO product Washlet Zoe is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most sophisticated toilet with seven functions. However, as the model was introduced in 1997, it is now likely to be inferior to the latest model by Toto Neorest.

The idea for the washlet came from abroad, and the first toilet seat with integrated bidet was produced outside of Japan in 1964. The age of the high-tech toilet in Japan started in 1980 with the introduction of the Washlet G Series by TOTO, and since then the product name washlet has been used to refer to all types of Japanese high-tech toilets.

As of 2002, almost half of all private homes in Japan have such a toilet, exceeding the number of households with a personal computer.

While the toilet looks like a Western-style toilet at first glance, there are a number of additional features,
such as blow dryer,
seat heating,
massage options,
water jet adjustments,
automatic lid opening,
flushing after use,
wireless control panels, heating and air conditioning for the room,
et cetera, included either as part of the toilet or in the seat.

These features can be accessed by a control panel that is either attached to one side of the seat or on a wall nearby, often transmitting the commands wirelessly to the toilet seat.

Basic features

The most basic feature is the integrated bidet, a nozzle the size of a pencil that comes out from underneath the toilet seat and squirts water. It has two settings: one for the anus and one for the vulva. The former is called posterior wash, general use, or family cleaning, and the latter is known as feminine cleaning or feminine wash. At no point does the nozzle actually touch the body of the user. The nozzle is also self-cleaning and cleans itself before and after operation. The user can select to wash the anus or vulva by pressing the corresponding button on the control panel. Usually the same nozzle is used for both operations, but at a different position of the nozzle head, and using different openings in the nozzle to squirt water at a different angle to aim for the correct spot. Occasionally, two nozzles are used, each dedicated for one area.

The control logic is also attached to a pressure switch in the toilet seat, and operates only if there is pressure on the seat, indicating that the seat is occupied.

The very first models did not include this automatic switch-off. A number of curious users pressed the button while watching the toilet to see its mode of operation, and promptly received a jet of warm water in their face.


Most high-tech toilets also provide the option to select the water pressure to adjust to the preferences of the user. By default, the vulva receives less pressure than the anus. Usually, the temperature of the water can also be adjusted. Researchers in Japan have found that a water temperature slightly higher than the body temperature is preferred by most customers, and 38 °C is considered best.

The exact nozzle position can also often be adjusted forward or aft manually. High-end washlets also provide options for a vibrating and pulsating jet of water.

"Man This thing could be a lesbians dream if they just had the 'Fun_Beam' dildo option !"

The manufacturers claim that this helps with constipation or hemorrhoids.[10] The most advanced washlets can even mix the water jet with soap for an improved cleaning process.

The washlet can replace toilet paper completely, but many users opt to improve the hygiene in combination with the mechanical action of the toilet paper.

This also depends on the cleaned region, and the cleaning of the vulva may not need toilet paper. Some people use toilet paper before washing, some after washing, some use only the bidet and others do not use the bidet at all and prefer to use toilet paper.

A second commonly found feature is a blow drier, often adjustable between 40°C and 60°C to dry the private regions after cleaning with the integrated bidet.[19]

Advanced features

Other features may include a heated seat, which may be adjustable from 30°C to 40°C; an automatic lid equipped with a proximity sensor, which opens and closes based on the location of the user.[4] Some even play music to relax the user's sphincter (some Inax toilets, for example, play the first few tunes of Op. 62 Nr. 6 Frühlingslied by Felix Mendelssohn). Other features are automatic flushing, automatic air deodorizing, and a germ-resistant surface.[4][20][38] Some models specially designed for the elderly may include arm rests and devices that help the user to stand up after use. A soft close feature slows the toilet lid down while closing so the lid does not slam onto the seat, or in some models, the toilet lid will close automatically a certain time after flushing. The most recent introduction is the ozone deodorant system that can quickly eliminate smells. Also, the latest models store the times when the toilet is used and have a power saving mode that warms the toilet seat only during times when the toilet is likely to be used based on historic usage patterns. Some toilets also glow in the dark or may even have air conditioning below the rim for hot summer days. Another recent innovation is intelligent sensors that detect someone standing in front of the toilet and initiate an automatic raising of the lid (if the person is facing away from the toilet) or the lid and seat together (if someone is facing the toilet).[4]

Text explaining the controls of these toilets tend to be in Japanese only.

Although many of the buttons often have pictograms, the flush button is often written only in Kanji meaning that users who are not well versed in the Japanese writing system may be unable to flush the toilet except through random button pressing. Thus, despite the many advanced features, the toilet is unusable for some foreigners.

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How moving.

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How moving.Oh. You didn't! You did not just make THAT joke! :D

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Does it come with attachments?

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Does it come with attachments?

What did you have in mind?

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What did you have in mind?They do have special models for the San Francisco fringe market .:rolleyes: