View Full Version : Ohio Terrorist Stabbing Has Liberals Talking About Gun Control But Not Terrorism

11-29-2016, 03:34 PM
terrorist ran down and stabbed 9 people on the Ohio State University campus today. That the attacker was a Somali refugee and probably inspired by radical Islam is something the liberals don’t want to talk about. What they do think is important is gun control, despite the fact that the terrorist didn’t use a gun, only a car and a knife.

First up we have Time Out New York theater critic Adam Feldman who posted this on social media:

“What’s happened at Ohio State is terrible. But ‘mass stabber leaves 8 people with non-life-threatening injuries’ is why gun control matters,” tweeted Feldman.

This is so profoundly stupid I almost don’t know what to say. Liberals will call for more gun control when a convicted felon uses and illegally obtained firearm to shoot people, but here we have an incident where a person used a motor vehicle and a butcher knife. At the very least this lefty moron should be calling for car and cutlery control


11-29-2016, 04:43 PM
Gun control has nothing to do with this case. Mental health screening might be a more appropriate cause to push for. It's a fine line between lone terrorists and crazy people, with lots of crossing over between the two categories.