View Full Version : US Navy ‘stealth’ destroyer towed into port after another breakdown (VIDEO)

12-03-2016, 03:02 PM
Built at a cost of more than $4 billion, the high-tech USS Zumwalt only made it to the Panama Canal while on its first journey to its home port of San Diego. A malfunction left the warship in need of tugboats so that it could reach the closest port, where it remains under maintenance

Passing southbound through the Panama Canal on Monday evening, the USS Zumwalt crew discovered water seeping into two of the four bearings connecting the port and starboard Advanced Induction Motors, or AIMs, to the drive shafts, according to US Naval Institute News citing a defense official.

The AIMs are part of what makes the Zumwalt the most high-tech, and most expensive, destroyer in the US Navy’s history. They generate up to 78 megawatts, allowing the 610-foot, 15,000-ton ship’s propulsion to rely entirely on electrical power.

However, Zumwalt was at the mercy of tugboats Monday night. They towed the ship to a former US naval station in Panama, where it is still being worked on. The problem may not be fixed for another 10 days, a defense official told USNI.