View Full Version : Comfort Tent and Crayons for college students: Real Live Announcement!

12-07-2016, 03:08 PM
As you know, I have a friend who works for a local college. This was in her email this morning, and she writes that there was a "de-stressing" drum circle this morning in the quad that was so loud that it interfered with her exam review.

De-stress Event for students going on NOW in the MS Courtyard!

Please let your students know that the Mental Health Peer Educators are hosting a de-stress event before finals week! Encourage students to come out, join in activities, and enter in an opportunity drawing to win PRIZES! Hope to see your students out in the MS Courtyard!


Emily S*****, MSW, ASW 60208
Project Coordinator
Suicide Prevention and Stigma Reduction

12-07-2016, 03:25 PM
I'm surprised the snowflakes aren't worried about attempted suicide by crayon ingestion or even assaults using crayons among themselves !