View Full Version : MSM appoints Brian Williams to speak against Fake News

12-12-2016, 01:21 PM
Comrades, as we stare into the abyss of a Trump presidency where the idea of "Americanism" is greater than illustrious "Globalism," we must determine how this happened..... FAKE NEWS™!

Yes, the scourge of Fake News™ is clearly the only reason why our lady Clinton lost the most recent election. What is Fake News™ you might ask? Well, Fake News™ is any kind of news that makes Democrats or the vetted MSM look bad.

Once the consensus about Fake News™ was established, the MSM needed to determine which of their acolytes would be the most qualified spokesman against Fake News™. Enter Brian Williams. If there would be any person with the ability to determine what Fake News™ it's him. This mode of action is a tried and true methodology: think how the US Government hires former hackers to go after current hackers.

Brian Williams knows Fake News™ like he knows being shot down in a helicopter in Iraq by an RPG. Our comrade Williams has a true grasp of, and the moral authority to denounce Fake News™ and those who perpetuate it.

When Williams was talking about himself outside the confines of his anchor’s desk, he seemed to want to make his experiences more dramatic, colleagues said. He was the biggest news anchor in the country, the undisputed ratings champ, but he often pushed stories to their limit - and sometimes beyond.

“That’s Brian being Brian” became the newsroom shorthand.

So, it's time to let “Brian be Brian” and go after the Fake News™ agents with the same gusto he had when he saved those puppies as a volunteer fireman from a horrible fire



12-12-2016, 01:32 PM
That just drips irony.