View Full Version : Liberals Now Want Parents to Buy Non-Gender Specific Christmas Gifts For Kids

12-14-2016, 06:25 PM
Tis the season... Get the dolls out for your grandsons and give the grandaughters a power drill.

Liberals Now Want Parents to Buy Non-Gender Specific Christmas Gifts For Kids

The American people have heard some ridiculous claims as the liberal idiots push their asinine agendas. One of those liberal tentacles is the LGBT community and their desire to push for a genderless society. While at first, most people fluffed them off as being absurd and childish, it seems that their message is being heard.

This upcoming Christmas liberals want you to put aside buying your children gender specific gifts and to purchase gifts that are not gender specific. You may be asking yourself why now. Well, according to libtards, kids should be able to decide what they want and not be told.

So, a grassroots movement has started that is called No Gender December. Which chief executive officer Chris Lester of Good Education Group is proudly supporting. Lester agrees that parents should not purchase gender-marketed gifts, and to opt for gifts that do not promote gender...

...So, I had to see for myself if this was something that was taking hold in America and around the world. I typed in No Gender Christmas gifts and these advertisments popped up in my Google search.