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12-14-2016, 06:51 PM
Even worse, the information went to Canada! :biggrin-new:

New internet outrage: ‘Smart’ sex toy sent company details of its use

In the annals of the invasive collection of private information via the internet, the story of the We-Vibe Rave may mark a milestone.

Customers have accused the sex toy of sending the manufacturer details of how the high-end vibrator was being used without the consent of the owner. That’s the charge in a federal class-action lawsuit filed in Illinois against Ottawa-based Standard Innovation.

An Illinois woman identified only as N.P. says she bought the device for $130 in May. She then downloaded an app, We-Connect, offered by Standard Innovation, and used it to pair her smartphone with her vibrator through a bluetooth connection.

Her We-Vibe Rave then went live, so to speak, even hackable.

The company advertised the online feature as a way to keep distant partners feeling close.

...Distant partners could use vibration modes labeled “pulse,” “wave,” “echo,” “tide,” “crest,” “peak” and “chachacha.”

“With the ‘connect lover’ feature, partners can exchange text messages, engage in video chats, and can control a paired We-Vibe device,” the complaint alleges.

Once partners employed the “connect lover” feature, a message would appear saying: “Create a secure connection between your smartphones.”

The complaint says the manufacturer “fails to notify or warn customers that We-Connect monitors and records, in real time, how they use the device. Nor does defendant disclose that it transmits the collected private usage information to its servers in Canada.”

...The manufacturer obtains “date and time of each use, the vibration intensity level selected by the user, (and) the vibration mode or pattern selected by the user,” the suit says.

Since We-Vibe customers offer their email addresses when registering with the app, the lawsuit says the company could “link the usage information to specific customer accounts.”

The complaint charges that N.P. and other owners of the devices were subject to scrutiny of “intimate private details about their sexual behavior that they believed were confidential.”

12-14-2016, 07:18 PM
Smart Sex Toys Are Great Ways for Hackers to Get in Your Pants

...During the Def Con hacking conference last week, hacker duo Goldfisk and Follower hacked a smart sex toy the We-Vibe 4 Plus which allowed them to collect all sorts of masturbatory data, the Daily Dot reported. They did so by exploiting the device's processor, which doesn't have a Bluetooth certificate pin, making it susceptible to hackers.

And oh boy did they collect some sexy details, the Register reported like how intense you like it and the temperature of the device. They even found the vibration modes you prefer: With the We-Vibe 4 Plus, there are 10 modes, but you can also create your own custom vibe. Your personally blended mix of pulse, wave, wave, pulse, tide, bounce, cha-cha-cha could be in the hands of hackers.

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Putin hacking poontang?

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Putin hacking poontang?

Don't tempt me. :biggrin-new: