View Full Version : P.C. Pandering Could Produce Hilarious Results for NYPD Headgear

01-02-2017, 02:15 PM
It isn’t only Muslims who benefit from the servile Islamophilia that has been so prevalent in New York City since 9/11/01. The moonbattery has spilled over onto Sikhs, who are no longer so oppressed as to not be able to wear full regalia while working for the NYPD.

Current regulations forbid beards and nonregulation headgear…

But now a major change to that policy has been announced to allow officers who follow the Sikh religious lifestyle to wear their full beards and their turbans, due to the area’s growing Sikh population. The only stipulation is that the turbans must be New York Police blue and must have an NYPD cap shield affixed in front.