View Full Version : Comedian Rob Schneider Under Fire for Making Paella in a ‘Disrespectful’ Glass Pan

01-03-2017, 03:10 PM
Comedian Rob Schneider tried to make the Spanish dish paella on Christmas Eve—and, after he tweeted a photo of his attempt, he was immediately accused of cultural appropriation.

Among the former Saturday Night Live actor’s purported offenses: He used a glass casserole pan to make the dish, which Salon self-righteously proclaimed “failed the test” for respectful cookware, because “there’s one thing everyone can agree on, and that is that one must cook paella in, well, a paella pan.”

(Don’t feel bad, Rob; Salon is also aghast that chef Jamie Oliver not only dared cook paella in alternative crockery but also, horror of horrors, “added something no Spaniard has ever seen in paella: chorizo.”)

Salon even found an expert source (an NYU professor) who posited that “white chefs have more freedom to play with other people’s food than chefs of color do, which creates inherent inequality in the field.” To that, the author adds that English-speaking chefs also have outsized ability to read recipes and experiment, which is apparently an expression of privilege