View Full Version : You Can Never Tell!

01-24-2017, 10:42 AM
A nurse ,whom I have known for years, stopped me in the hall at the local hospital on Monday. She was giddy with some secret...
"Guess what I did this weekend!" I was worried by this one, but too polite not to ask.
She quick drew her Smart Phone and I think I was regretting stopping. I am pretty sure I was.
"Look!" On her Smart Phone was a picture of her at the Women's (alleged) March, with a sign that said "PLANET EARTH:R.I.P.".
"Can you believe it? At age 58 I am an ACTIVIST!"
She reportedly felt at home and appreciated by her fellow activists. The picture she showed looked like a ladies church group, with signs. She also mentioned that it was nice to be amongst like-minded people, as around here (the hospital? The Hampton Roads area?) everybody "is Republicans".
I responded by mentioning that that includes me, and I smiled and walked away....
Ah, the fairer sex.....