View Full Version : Chris Murphy says anti-Trump marches ‘were PEACEFUL without EXCEPTION’

02-03-2017, 02:10 PM
The dumbass Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy is really climbing up the ladder of liberal morons this year. Earlier he tried to politicize the death of a Syrian kid and pin it on Trump, and now he’s lying and saying that every single march against Trump was actually peaceful.

Watch his stupidity below:


C’mon man, that’s not even close to true!! Prolife people were spat on at the “Women’s March” and there was all sorts of violence on inauguration day, not to mention what happened last night at Berkeley, but this king of douchebags got all his peon douchebags to applaud the obvious lie – and then refuted himself seconds later!! Amazing

Everybody who wants to move to Konnektikut raise your hands !