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05-29-2008, 06:09 PM
Al Gore's secret deal with Russia,Documents Release forced by FOIA, (Freedon of Information act) !

"The more we learn about these bastards the more they should be in jail !!"

"The SS-N-22 Sunburn anti-ship missile is a Nuclear 'CVA Fleet Carrier' killer,Our Fleet Carriers !! !"

"So on Clinton/Gore secret order tells McDonnell Douglas to help Russia improve their missiles to be used against us !"

Recent reports in the New York Times and the Washington Times show that in 1995 Vice President Al Gore signed a secret arms deal with Moscow. The deal reportedly allowed Russia to sell weapons to Iran and included illegal kickbacks, intended to bribe individual politicians inside Moscow.

However, documents forced from the Clinton administration by the Freedom of Information Act show that part of the secret 1995 Gore agreement with Moscow included more than weapons for Iran. One hidden point inside the vice president's pact with Moscow sought U.S. access to advanced Russian weapons technology.

In September 1995 U.S. Vice Admiral W. C. Bowes wrote a letter to Russian Navy Commander Adm. Felix Gromov, informing Gromov of the U.S. Navy's intention to purchase the SS-N-22 Sunburn anti-ship missile. The letter was written after U.S. defense contractor Vector Microwave toured the Sunburn missile plant and inspected the deadly weapon at close hand, all at the invitation of the Russian defense contractor Arsenjev Aviation.

U.S. Navy admirals do not write Russian admirals with intentions of buying nuclear-tipped missiles unless someone at the top on both sides has given the OK. Admirals in both services are not known to take such risks without orders. The decision to allow Vice Adm. Bowes and Adm. Gromov to work together on "Missile-Gate" originated with Al Gore and his 1995 secret pact.

The Clinton-Gore administration changed the joint Russia/U.S. military program to fill its politically correct needs. In 1995, the Clinton administration balked at the Sunburn price tag of over a million dollars a copy. Instead, the administration selected favored defense contractor McDonnell Douglas, now Boeing, to purchase a smaller, lower-cost missile from Russia called the Zvezda MA-31 "Krypton."

McDonnell Douglas, according to the official U.S. Navy documentation, proceeded under orders to help Russia improve the Krypton missile. U.S. Navy and McDonnell Douglas engineers suggested a series of "P3I" or "pre-planned product improvements" to extend the range of the Krypton, improve its flight performance, and enable jet fighters to safely fire the weapon.

"The MA-31 (Krypton) target will need (pre-planned product improvements) P3I in order to meet the range and ground/surface launch requirements for the Supersonic Sea Skimming Target program (SSST). The range of the MA-31 target in its FCT configuration is approximately 15 nm (nautical miles) at low altitude," states the 1995 review document.

According to the 1995 McDonnell Douglas review, one "extended range option" given to the Russian contractor "adds an auxiliary fuel tank, a reduced drag nose cone, changes the fuel to JP-10 (which has a higher specific energy content than the Russian fuel), and modifies the ramjet nozzle. The extended range modification is intended to increase range to approximately 42 nm at 10m (meter) altitude."

Another more crucial design improvement given to Russia, involved "Ground Jettison Testing" done by the U.S. defense contractor against the Russian missile. According to the 1995 program review document, the Russian built AKY-58M missile launcher for the Krypton was fatally flawed and could destroy the firing plane. snip

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Thanks. Good find. However, it just leaves me speechless. Perhaps Evelids will come over and explain to us how this was a good thing.

movie buff
05-30-2008, 07:44 AM
Good find. Most of the dirt on the Goracle just deals with what a hypocrite he is regarding the environment, but this is big.

05-30-2008, 08:50 AM
Good find. Most of the dirt on the Goracle just deals with what a hypocrite he is regarding the environment, but this is big.

Maybe that's why he's not trying to take advantage of the Clinton/Obama debacle. Maybe they'll strip him of his awards for his "environmentalism".

This boggles the mind. :eek:

Instead of the old "never trust anyone over 30", the mantra should be "never trust ANY politician."