View Full Version : Illegal Alien Convicted Of Hate Crime Attack On Muslim Immigrants

02-24-2017, 05:59 PM
In Trump’s America liberals have turned both illegal aliens and Muslim immigrants into the most precious and protected of all people. They say illegal aliens are just looking for a better life and Islam is the religion of peace. But what happens when these two groups attack each other? It becomes impossible for liberals to blame the President, the alt-right, or white Americans. This case is going to cause all kinds of confusion with the liberals, who are already a confused bunch.

The Topeka Capitol Journal reports that an illegal alien was just convicted of a hate crime attack on several Muslim immigrants. In June of 2015, illegal alien Omar Cantero Martinez (left) and his brother Armando Sotelo (right) were getting shitfaced at a bar in Dodge City, KS. A Somali man walked in and ordered a drink. The Mexican brothers were personally offended by the black Muslim’s presence and started “acting aggressively” toward him. The Somali man left the bar in fear, not even finishing his drink.

Martinez and Sotelo ran out to look for the Somali man but couldn’t find him. Instead they came across three other Somali men sitting on a bench. The brothers attacked the Somalis, beating and stabbing them. Two of the victims were so severely injured that they had to be airlifted to a hospital and undergo surgery for puncture wounds and organ damage