View Full Version : Kamala Harris argues against O-care repeal, exposes Dem failure instead

02-25-2017, 04:27 PM
U.S. senator from California, Democrat Kamala Harris, has responded to Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare this way

@KamalaHarris s Retweeted POLITICO

1 in 2 Californian children depend on Medicaid. This plan's cuts to Medicaid attacks those who need heath care most

@Kamala Harris added,

Itís vital we improve the ACA, not repeal it. More than 5 million Californians are counting on us to stop playing politics w/public health

A few responses

@KamalaHarris Because Democrats have made them all poor because poor people vote for Democrats.

@KamalaHarris If you let the people of California succeed and be self-sufficient, they probably wouldn't elect Democrats.

@KamalaHarris You need to make them poor and you need to KEEP them poor across the generations to keep power.

@KamalaHarris if 1/2 Californian children depend on Medicaid and government assistance, California is doing it wrong....

@KamalaHarris 1/2 the children in California depend on the government, please, lecture us on socialism ��

@KamalaHarris @politico @pauldemko amazing! My grandparent's CA or my parent's CA had no such problems. What has changed?

@KamalaHarris This stat is appalling! CA has FAILED its children with leftist policies & welfare state. Help #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain

Agree. When people like Kamala put illegals above U.S. citizen children she should lose her job. @pklaingran @KamalaHarris

@KamalaHarris HALF??! What the hell is going on in CA that HALF the children are on Medicaid?? The economy sucks that bad