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We reported last month that the US Attorney in Manhattan was interested in having a “sit down” meeting with Big Apple Mayor Bill de Blasio regarding multiple questions over campaign contributions he had received and favors allegedly done for donors. That get-together finally took place this week and from the sound of things it was anything but a quick stop for high tea and friendly conversation. The “grilling” (as it was described in the press) stretched on for a total of four hours and seems unlikely to have ended the questions swirling around City Hall. But for his part, the mayor tried to paint a sunny face on it. (New York Daily News)

Mayor de Blasio said he told federal investigators “everything I know” about probes into his fundraising during a questioning session Friday and believes the meeting went “fine.”

“My goal was to be open and transparent and communicative and to be cooperative. And I think it’s quite clear a four-hour interview is a good faith effort to try to provide information,” de Blasio said in his first comments since being grilled by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office. “I believe when all the facts are looked at, it will be quite clear that we’ve handled things appropriately.”

The mayor met for four hours at his Midtown attorney’s office with investigators who are looking into whether donors to his campaigns and his now-defunct non-profit, the Campaign for One New York, got special favors in return

Crooked Democratic politician - move along - nothing to see here


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Make a wish your witnessing a falling democratic star

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