View Full Version : RAF Women 'Banned From Wearing Skirts On Parade'

02-28-2017, 07:04 PM
Women in the RAF could no longer be allowed to wear skirts on parade.

Reports of the ban were met with an angry reaction in the Sun.

According to sources featured in the newspaper, the move to a trousers-only policy is partly due to an increase in transgender personnel.

The RAF wouldn't confirm this to Forces News, although the MoD did say it aims to be an "inclusive" employer.

One source was quoted as saying:

"The RAF is a modern and inclusive employer. We have men who want to live as women, women who want to live as men and personnel who do not identify with any gender. The view was we need a uniform policy to cut through all of that and say there is one uniform for everyone and that's that. It's about including people and encouraging diversity