View Full Version : Some Ammunition To Use In The Battle Against The Hate-America Gang

11-19-2008, 01:11 PM
One of the great mysteries of life is the prevalence, in our own country, of so many hate-America types. This week I've discussed their power and presence in our colleges and universities and how they indoctrinate and teach their students through lectures and writings how to hate America.

I must admit that when someone hates America, the greatest democracy in the history of the world, which has produced virtually unlimited opportunity for all, I can't explain it. When you encounter such an irrational force, there seems to be no rational explanation. So some of the most powerful observers of the scene, such as the great British historian Paul Johnson, attribute it to mental disease. The trouble with that diagnosis is that it is exceptionally hard to treat. So it would be wise to make another diagnosis, if that is possible. Others have suggested most of the hate-Americanism is based on profound ignorance. That is a happier diagnosis, as the cure seems easier, education and enlightenment.

With that diagnosis, Michael Medved, the talk show host and author, went ahead to prescribe a cure in his new and important book, The Ten Big Lies About America: Combating Destructive Distortions About Our Nation. He argues the hate-America types have developed "a complex, even tortured relationship with their own past," and have lost touch with the greatness of America.

That frayed connection with America "rests on a series of destructive lies - sweeping distortions that poison our sense of who we are and what our country means." He argues a series of grotesque distortions and big lies about America feed this kind of insecurity and even hatred of America. These lies feed hate of America and sometimes feed mistaken public policy decisions.

He also reasons that many Americans instinctively know these anti-America lies and other distortions are just that, but lack the information and arguments to counter them. That's what his book is about. He writes:

"This book hopes to fill that void. The 10 big lies exposed here constitute the most common and destructive distortions about the nation's past and present. My goal is to explode the most obvious lies and to arm Americans with the information and approaches they need to answer bitter indictments against our country.

"In many corners of the continent, educators and psychologists fret over the self-esteem of our young people, hoping to protect their tender egos by encouraging them to declare 'I'm a wonderful kid' or, on too many occasions, 'I'm part of a wonderful - though often victimized - group.' Even more important to their sense of security and confidence would be the recognition, 'I'm part of a wonderful country - a wonderful and unprecedented national adventure. And I can most appropriately express my gratitude for the gifts I've received by making the most of my opportunities."

Setting the record straight is crucial to our national well-being and even survival. As Mr. Medved reasons, "A nation with no pride in its past won't feel confidence in its future. The big lies about America have transformed our heritage from a blessing into a burden, promoting impotence and paralysis. Achieving an accurate understanding of the privileged position we enjoy can replace self-pity with pride, apology with affirmation. Only this sense of shared gratitude will sustain our occasionally strained communal connections, providing elusive common ground in this freakishly favored nation in which every day brings occasion for thanksgiving."

One of the 10 big lies struck me as it has such overwhelming relevance at this moment in history. Mr. Medved states this lie as follows: "Government programs offer the only remedy for economic downturns and poverty."

That lie unfortunately gains even more acceptance in a time of crisis, when everyone tends to look to government for solutions. It is a lie that has historically been accepted by the Democratic Party and seems to be accepted by President-Elect Barack Obama. In fact, the mainstream media seems to be playing up this moment of crisis to pave the way for all the usual Democratic/liberal/radical welfare and anti-poverty schemes that have already been tried and failed. Time magazine just ran a cover story with Mr. Obama with a hat and cigarette holder in a car to suggest a second coming of FDR and his approach to solving the problems of the economy.

The article in Time seems to perpetuate the myth that FDR's programs were just what the doctor ordered and somehow solved our unemployment and other financial problems coming out of the great depression. But now, more and more historians are evaluating the New Deal and finding that by and large it slowed our recovery from the Great Depression rather than speeding it up. Time, as usual, is wrong.

Sometimes a single statistic can almost prove the case and here is one that jumps off the page with its persuasive quality. In 1931, during the darkest days of the Great Depression and the Hoover Administration, the unemployment rate was 17.4 percent. Now, you can guess what it was seven years later, after five years of the New Deal, with all of the following having been accomplished, as described by Mr. Medved: "After more than five years of FDR and literally hundreds of wildly ambitious new government programs, after more than a doubling of federal spending, the national unemployment rate stood at - 17.4 percent." Yes, five years of the New Deal lowered the unemployment rate by one big fat goose egg, by that big zero.