View Full Version : Feds Paid Judge for 4 Years After Arrest for Drunken Assault

03-14-2017, 05:08 PM
The Social Security Administration paid a judge for four years after he was arrested for assault, costing taxpayers $500,000.

The inspector general for the administration released an audit last week documenting abuses of the paid time off system. The audit identified 46 federal employees who received an average of 2,000 hours of paid administrative leave over a seven-year period.

On average, the employees were paid for 261 days to not work, which amounts to a full employment year.

In one egregious case, an administrative law judge (ALJ) was paid for 865.75 days after he was arrested for drunkenly assaulting a female security officer. The judge still earned his roughly $125,000 salary while he was suspended.

"Several factors can extend the length of time an employee remains on administrative leave, such as the legal procedures the Agency must complete before suspending or removing an employee, or when officials exercise discretion and allow employees to remain on administrative leave while the Agency investigates their misconduct," the inspector general explained.

The inspector general found 12 cases where administrative leave was granted to ALJs it "intended to remove for misconduct or poor performance