View Full Version : Father, son, schoolmates arrested for gang-raping 14 yr old

03-15-2017, 06:35 PM
At least four people have been arrested in Las Vegas for gang raping a mentally disabled 14-year-old. There are conflicting media reports about the exact number of suspects. More arrests may be pending. Several details are particularly shocking.

The ringleader is considered to be 39-year-old Leby Alas-Gomez. The other three suspects are Jose Henriquez, 18, and two unidentified minors. One of the minors is Alas-Gomez’s son. A second son might also be charged. The perps allegedly gang raped the victim on multiple occasions last November. One of the assaults was videotaped and passed around at Del Soy High School.

Eventually a student told the authorities about the video. Alas-Gomez is allegedly seen egging the other perps on. The victim, who is said to have the mental capacity of a seven-year old, can be heard screaming “no” over and over

While most media outlets displayed the publicly available mug shots of Leby Alas-Gomez, and Jose Henriquez. FOX 13 – KSTU did not. They falsely depicted Alas-Gomez as being white


I say give them a fair trail and then hang them !