View Full Version : Suspects steal 35 firearms in Chantilly gun store burglary

03-16-2017, 03:40 PM
Fairfax County police said 35 handgun were stolen during a break-in at a gun store in Chantilly over the weekend.

The burglary happened early Saturday morning at the 50 West Armory gun store in the 13900 block of Metrotech Drive. Police said officers responded to the store after a burglary alarm went off at the store.

“The police department responded within minutes,” said 50 West Armory manager Scott Wahl. “I’m surprised they didn't pull up while the people were still here.”

Security camera footage shows it took only 48 seconds for two of the suspects to break in through the front door of the store and make off with the weapons.

“They proceeded to actually take what was closest to the front door,” said Wahl. “We believe the reason they did that was because the way that our alarm immediately went off.

The crime was committed by legal gun owners. They were afraid that some unsavory individuals would steal them so they decided to make a "preemptive strike"