View Full Version : Right shouldn't imitate The Rabidly Hateful Anti-Bush Left by Politico.com

11-19-2008, 07:33 PM
So….Who Will The Left Hate Now?The left will do it for you and being low is something they’re used to.

What happens now that Bush and Cheney are on their way out?

The rancid vitriol of the left has been directed at those two for so long, and by default onto anything and everything American, that it won’t be long before they start looking around for another target. They have to. They’re addicted to being bitter and disaffected.

Yeah, I know they’re all in a collective swoon over Obama’s election but by the time he’s sworn in some of that magic will have worn off. Their excuses for hating America in general will one by one evaporate as Obama takes office - their candidate won and they won’t even have the excuse of a stolen election by the Republicans. Any claim of cheating will pale beside Obama’s 8 million vote win.

Let’s see - we’ll be leaving Iraq as soon a Obama can make it happen. Nothing to hate there.

Obama will push for his social programs and aim to spread the wealth around. College tuitions for all! Health care for the taking! And there we have the answer. What will they turn their hostility toward next?


But, wait! He’s their hero! Why would they turn on him when he’ll give them everything they ever wanted?

Because he cannot possibly deliver all the things he promised, that’s why. He sold the left a bill of goods to get elected, promising everything from crippling the hated military, crushing the coal industry for the sake of the global warming crowd, to putting a chicken in every pot. The problem is there are simply not enough chickens to go around and everyone will want one. Or two. Or three.

And when the far left realizes that they’re not going to get everything he promised, that there really won’t be a Shangri-la just because they put him in office they’ll turn on him like rabid hyenas. It’ll be quite fun to watch, actually.

The left and their compadres in the media will suddenly discover that, hey, this guy really didn’t tell us all about himself. That tape the LA Times has been hoarding will suddenly turn up, and someone will leak his sealed college records. Someone in the media may even find his drug dealer. Oh, and thay’ll have the sudden epiphany that Biden really is an idiot.

So....for all the middle American conservatives out there - don’t panic. Just kick back and watch the show. The left needs a hate fix and they won’t have Bush/Cheney around to demonize any more. And the conservatives won’t have to demonize Obama. Don’t sink that low.

The left will do it for you and being low is something they’re used to.