View Full Version : HuffPo Blogger: ‘Trump Supporters Deserve to Die More Than I Do’

04-22-2017, 05:00 PM
HuffPo Contributor, Chris Cali believes Trump supporters deserve to die more than he does. Before you judge him, remember, he’s a loving tolerant liberal.

I urge you to read the entire article Chris Cali wrote which is archived here since it has been removed. In it, you will see the ramblings of a madman who has zero knowledge of history and life in general. He even made a reference to Republicans being white supremacists who were burning crosses on lawns…nice try but that would be the Democrats who spawned the KKK.

Chris Cali wrote this article in reaction to the Trump’s Military dropping a ‘MOAB’ bomb on ISIS


Archived article >>> http://archive.is/tveBZ

04-22-2017, 06:11 PM
The world really wouldn’t miss them one itty bitty damn bit. If a bunch of these hypocrites who chanted “lock her up” overdose on Oxy and decimate their Podunk towns, honestly, the human species will be better off without them. It’s practically Darwinian. Or to put it in language maybe more of them are familiar with, “God don’t like stupid.”

In another thread it was brought up about the smugness of the libs. This guy is over the top.

One thing he's right about "God don't like stupid". God probably doesn't like him too much nor the Huffington Post. I don't know how they could print his garbage.

What an arrogant as_, typical hate filled lib.

04-23-2017, 10:23 AM
In another thread it was brought up about the smugness of the libs. This guy is over the top.
What an arrogant as_, typical hate filled lib.

I've seen enough Lib/Prog Smug from DU and on FB that I know this guy is not really over-the-top. He's very much in the mainstream, not far from the spectrum center of Lib/Prog current thinking.

The horrible thing is, I don't see a way back for Libs/Progs from this sort of "thinking". Arguably, I think it started seeping into the mainstream in the early-mid 1960s and gained a solid foothold during the Nixon and Reagan Presidencies. But I think the tipping point was the lunatic entitled tantrum that began with the election of GWB and grew through his entire Presidency (every one of Bush's accomplishment inflamed their BDS). Every thwarting of Obama's purposes, every failure of Obama's "accomplishments", every revelation of Obamian corruption, ineptitude, and tyranny inflamed the smug. And then Donald Trump dared to be elected President! I literally do not see a path on which mainstream Libs & Progs can walk back to sanity from the lunacy engendered by their smug.