View Full Version : Scumbag Punches 85-Year-Old Man For Being American

04-25-2017, 04:28 PM
Besides the anti-Muslim hate crime hoax, another big post-election fraud has been the media narrative that Trump-inspired white racists are attacking hard-working immigrants. There is little to no evidence that this is a real thing, but the complete opposite of that just happened in NYC. A Hispanic man assaulted an elderly man for no other reason than because he is an American. Don’t worry, there are no hate crime charges and the media couldn’t care less about this so the false narrative of violent racist Trump supporters will remain intact.

50-year-old Fabricio Pozo (pictured) lives in the United States, Queens, NY to be more specific. Whether or not he lives here legally is not known, but he’s definitely lives here. He however hates this country and everyone in it and wants to show his disgust with Americans through violence. The problem is, Pozo is a giant pussy and can’t pick on anyone his own size so he set out to make a point by victimizing the weakest people he could find.

Queens Chronicle reports that on April 12, he set out to show Americans what he thought about them. Around 12:50pm he found an 18-year-old girl standing on the street. Without a word, he slapped her hard in the face. He must have realized that slapping the girl without context had failed to make his point so he looked for another helpless victim.

15 minutes later Pozo saw 85-year-old William Seifert standing in front of an Army/Navy store. For Pozo, Seifert represent the perfect victim. He walked with a cane and wore dark glasses from recent eye surgery. The angry American-hater must have thought the old man was blind. Pozo approached.

“Are you an American?” Pozo inquired.

“Yes,” replied Seifert.

“You’re the people persecuting immigrants,” said Pozo

NYPD not charging this as a "hate crime"


teresa margaret
04-25-2017, 06:59 PM
yep, another article on this pos:


"a Queens man", sire:rolleyes: - this is Bill DeBlasio, or whatever the fake name he calls himself oversees. Wish this Third Worlder would try this in Texas, where the teenage girl or the elderly man has every right to shoot him, it evens the field.