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04-27-2017, 11:29 PM
O’Hare Airport security chief Jeffrey Redding was fired Thursday from his $118,020-a-year job for failing to fully disclose the sexual harassment allegations that prompted the Illinois Tollway to get rid of him.
Redding has been on the hot seat ever since three of his aviation police officers boarded a United Airlines jet on April 9 and dragged a bloodied and flailing Dr. David Dao (http://bit.ly/2oZ8mLS) down the aisle for failing to give up his seat for a United crew member.
The incident is the subject of dual investigations by Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans and Inspector General Joe Ferguson.
But Redding’s firing has nothing to do with the viral video that has damaged Chicago’s reputation as an international tourist destination.
Instead, sources said the firing stems from Redding’s failure to fully disclose the circumstances surrounding his firing from the Illinois Tollway six months before he was hired to oversee a $19 million a year, 292-employee strong force of unarmed aviation security officers.
Late Thursday, Aviation Department spokeswoman Lauren Huffman issued an emailed statement confirming the city’s decision to fire Redding, but did not explain why.
“Effective today, Jeffrey Redding has been terminated from his duties at the Chicago Department of Aviation,” Huffman was quoted as saying.
“Aviation Security Assistant Commissioner Kevin Zator will oversee safety and security operations for the CDA in the interim,” the statement said.
The Chicago Tribune reported last week (http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/watchdog/ct-redding-tollway-firing-city-hiring-met-20170420-story.html) that Redding was fired from the Tollway after a female toll collector who worked under him had accused Redding of sexual harassment.
The newspaper reported that the woman had accused Redding of seeking sex and money in exchange for work-related favors.
They say this is because of the Vietnamese Doctor but it is really because the rabbit died.


04-27-2017, 11:31 PM
And they finally found a fall guy.

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04-29-2017, 04:04 PM
•So here is a guy who did not make 20 years on CPD was working for the inspector general, and iad reporting and and maligning coppers they gets a big job at tollway huge salary bump, but says he is not guilty yet leaves the tollway takes a pay-cut at aviation and yet he is in charge of aviation security? this would be laughable if not true! attention media here is low hanging fruit from where you get your news look into who is this guys clout, talk to the women that made the complaints they deserve a nice amount of money after what bouncing ball guy cannot hold a job is moved?

Questions to ask:
A) Why did he leave iad? was he involved in something?
B) why did he leave inspector generals office?
C) How can a patrolman rank get this huge pay boost and job at tollway?
D) Says he was not guilty but gets another great job no experience in this type of work and takes tens of thousands of dollars in a pay cut?
E) How did ginger interview him and miss this? Who put him in and pulled gingers strings?

Golly, another IAD scandal that was covered up maybe? That entire Bureau seems to be populated by a lot of shady characters - almost like a culture of corruption that might lead to.... exam cheaters.

Corruption is never "rooted out" in Chicago - it's just moved around. And the media won't put two-and-two together lest they upset their "access.

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