View Full Version : Obama’s Policies Allowed This Illegal Alien To Brutally Rape And Murder A Woman

04-29-2017, 04:36 PM
Obama did a lot of bad things as president, but none as terrible as his lax immigration enforcement policies. He stopped detaining and deporting dangerous illegal aliens allowing these predators to attack and kill innocent people. One of these scumbags, who Obama could have easily deported 2 years ago, just brutally raped and killed a woman in Louisiana.

4WWL reports that Irwin Gomez-Colon was arrested for sexually assaulting and killing Yahaira Gonzalez in New Orleans on Monday. Gomez-Colon raped and strangled the woman and then stabbed her over 20 times. He did all of this in front of the woman’s 4-year-old son who was thankfully not physically harmed in the attack.

Gomez-Colon is an illegal alien from Honduras and as it turns out, he could have been taken into custody and processed for deportation 2 years ago. In a strikingly similar crime, Gomez-Colon raped and strangled another woman. In 2105, this scumbag went to a female acquaintance’s home. He asked to use the bathroom and then grabbed a knife, forcing the woman to have sex with him. He also strangled this victim, though she did survive the assault.

Gomez-Colon was arrested and his immigration status was known at the time and yet there was no Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer put on him. This is because Obama directed ICE to only ask for detainers on criminals who were convicted of serious crimes. For whatever reason, the charges against Gomez-Colon were dropped in the 2015 rape and he walked out of jail a free man