View Full Version : ‘drunk’ man brawls with fellow plane passenger before ‘CHOKING airline employee

05-02-2017, 08:24 PM
THIS is the shocking moment two men were filmed throwing punches at each other on a Japanese plane – ending in the arrest of a “boozed-up” American traveller.
Footage posted on Twitter by a fellow flyer shows flight attendants desperately trying to break up the brawling pair in front of horrified passengers.
One passenger can be heard yelling: “Someone help! This guy is crazy.”
Others can be heard begging the men to stop as a baby screams in the background.
The red-shirted man is then escorted away by staff as the man in black looks on yelling: “Get this guy off this plane.”
But moments later, with his shirt ripped, the man in red returns to continue his feud with the same guy.