View Full Version : Armed Gang Disguised in Islamic Burqas Stole Thousands in Violent Raids

05-09-2017, 05:55 PM
A violent, armed gang of robbers have been jailed after using Islamic burqas to hide their identities as they stole hundreds of thousands of pounds in raids across Manchester.

Over a twelve-month period from June 2015, they stole £206,000 worth of gems and £76,000 from an Aldi supermarket, where they attacked a member of the public with a machete.

The judge has said brave shopper, Mark Cooper, should receive a reward after tripping and attempting to apprehend one robber at the Aldi raid in Bolton.

According to The Times, Martin Reid, for the prosecution, explained how Mr. Cooper had “heard screaming and shouting and saw a man in a burka running away from the supermarket towards him.

“Mr. Cooper quickly realised what was happening and started running after him and tripped the male up. The male fell to the floor, face down and Mr. Cooper jumped on his back and struggled with him. Two other men, both wearing burkas, then ran towards them carrying machetes.

The two leaders of the gang, Christopher Ryder, 30, of Timperley, and Michael Gabriel, 30, of Wythenshawe, received 22 and 21 years in jail. In total, the gang of five received 87 years’ imprisonment.

Hence the reason for banning burqas - it hides the identity of the perpetrator(s)


Photos of gang here. Both black and white guys.