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11-24-2008, 01:29 PM
I started watching this series online a few days ago and was really knocked over for a loop. One of the best shows, anime or otherwise I have seen in a long time. The concept is deep and somewhat shocking. The writing is amazing. The characters full and real. The art work is beautiful and the bodycount, gun play and carnage is right up there.

While the show is about young girls ranging from 10-13, adopted by a governmental organization and trained as lethal assassins and the series pulls no punches in exploring the bloody nature of this, Gunslinger Girl is not about the action and mayhem so much as it is a character study of each girl. The shows delves deeply and unflinchingly into the mind of the girls and the relationship with their handlers that they have been conditioned to be undyingly loyal to.

Each girl is paired with a handler who trains and cares for her. These are called their "brothers" and each one has a different relationship with "his" girl. One treats and loves his charge as a brother would a sister. Another is physically abusive to his. Another treats his as nothing more than a lethal tool that can be discarded and it is implied that he has lost a couple of his charges already. It is the exploration of these relationships that forms the basis of Gunslinger Girl.

The third episode is heartbreaking when one of the assassins has to do what she is trained to do and her
heart is beaking into a million pieces as she pulls the trigger. I was truly amazed by the emotional depth of this show.

This is the trailer from Youtube. The whole series can be seen at www.imvite.com