View Full Version : Christians who reject transgenderism banned from adoption, working with children

06-06-2017, 04:55 PM
The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has instituted sweeping changes to its policies and procedures in caring for children who experience gender dysphoria that essentially weed out all employees and volunteers who cannot in good conscience support and promote transgender ideology.

Illinois now "requires that all LGBTQ children and youth be placed in an affirming safe housing, receive LGBTQ competent medical and mental health services, and have equal opportunity and access to care."

However, in order to assure consistent achievement of that goal, the new policy requires "any person who is involved with DCFS children/youth will complete mandatory training in LGBTQ competency." This will be an integral part of DCFS core training and will be a requirement to attaining a child-welfare license.

According to attorney Mary Hasson, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C, “The new DCFS policies are less about safety and well being and more about using state power to ‘overrule’ basic, empirical (and common sense) truths about human beings and to replace them with ideological assertions that validate adult feelings rather than benefit children


06-07-2017, 09:31 AM
I wonder if Illinois is planning to open up orphanages again for all kids in the system? We have enough trouble getting foster parents, if Christians are banned from adopting or fostering kids, there will not be homes even for little kids.

In MI, we have an agency that's purpose is to work with LGBT teens. They provide support, placement and help them get on their own. It's a good program and it prevents us from forcing church-based agencies from having to deal with it, although some still do and don't have issues with it (a Catholic mental health program for girls and a similar Methodist program for boys).

We will take kids from parents who abuse them because they are gay (trying to beat or choke the gay out of them, it happens).