View Full Version : Obamas election is just another, and rather striking, example of this.

11-26-2008, 11:52 AM
American Methods Intimidate Europeans

"Wait, Does this mean that those 'Hollier Than Thou' Europeans are really Big Fat Hypocrites ?"

As excited as Europeans were to see Democratic senator Barak Obama elected president in the U.S., there turned out to be an unexpected cloud around that silver lining.

Namely, it's that blacks, and minorities in general, have made far less social progress in Europe than in the United States. Obamas election is just another, and rather striking, example of this.

This also goes a long way towards explaining why there have been no terror attacks in the U.S. since 2001. And why the 2001 terrorists were warned to stay away from American Moslems.

Obama's election is not an exception, but part of a long trend. An Indian-American was recently elected governor of Louisiana, and in 1996, a Chinese-American was elected governor of Washington state.

As much as other nations preach equality and opportunity, it's the United States where it actually happens. Not just with politicians, but academics, business executives and military leaders. Colin Powell becoming chief of the U.S. armed forces two decades ago was not exceptional, when you consider the number of African-Americans who have achieved high rank in the military over the last half century.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the locals, and allied troops, often finding themselves facing a black face when they have to deal with an American general, or battalion commander. This is a unique experience for the Iraqis and Europeans. In the Arab world, Africans have been looked down on for thousands of years, because of the slave trade.

Many people of African ancestry are still enslaved in Arab countries (despite the practice being finally outlawed there since World War II). As a result of that, it's very difficult for a Saudi or Iraqi of African ancestry to rise very far in society. Not so, much to their surprise, in America.

In Europe, there is not nearly as much acceptance of foreigners compared to the United States. This is the main reason why Europe has more problems with Islamic terrorists than the United States.

There are more subtle problems as well. Many NATO countries have sent peacekeepers to Afghanistan, but have not been able to use their Moslem soldiers as well as they thought they could.

It's not that NATO thought they would have a lot of linguists, as very few of their Moslem troops came from Afghanistan. In fact, most of the Moslem troops in NATO armies, were born in Europe (it was usually their parents who emigrated, most commonly from Turkey or North Africa).