View Full Version : The Towns leading Employer a Kosher Meatpacker Closes.

11-26-2008, 12:42 PM
The Towns leading employer a Kosher Meatpacker Closes Because of a Federal Immigrant Raid deports all of the Illegal workers so the Postville City Council's Declares the town a Humanitarian and Economic Disaster Area and applies for Federal Disaster Relief .What Genius,what Chutzpa !

The Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division expressed doubt Tuesday that it could provide assistance following the Postville City Council's declaration of the town as a humanitarian and economic disaster area.

Disaster declarations are based on natural emergencies, "so I don't know how that would qualify," said division spokesman Bret Voorhees.

The resolution, passed unanimously by the council Monday night, was sent to state officials Tuesday in an effort to secure financial assistance for the community devastated after a May 12 federal immigration raid that led to the recent closing of town's leading employer, kosher meatpacker Agriprocessors Inc .