View Full Version : ‘Allah Will Get You’: London Nursery Worker Attacked with Blade

07-06-2017, 02:29 PM
Counter Terrorism Police have been alerted after three women, alleged shouting “Allah will get you” and quoting the Quran, stabbed a nursery school worker in North London.

The victim was waiting at a junction in Wanstead at around 9.30am when she was attacked from behind by the trio, pulled to the ground, and attacked with a blade. The women’s injuries are not said to be life-threatening, but the school is on “lockdown”.

The BBC described the attackers as “three Asian women dressed in black”, but declined to mention the reports of “Allah” chants, and insisted it was not being treated as a terrorist incident at this time.

Karrien Stevens, the manager of Little Diamonds Nursery, said the worker was treated by paramedics and later taken to a hospital

"Asian" is BBC speak for Middle Eastern