View Full Version : They're smack dab in between two draw bridges.

11-26-2008, 08:46 PM
Pecan Island Robbers Have No Way Out

Imagine commiting a felony, then realizing there's no way out. That's what happened to a Pennsylvania couple in Vermilion Parish.

The Pecan Island Food Store off Highway 82 might look like a good target... it's isolated with no security cameras. But what they lack in some areas, they make up for by location. They're smack dab in between two draw bridges.

"It's common knowledge down here that we on an island and we laugh about it and talk about it all the time, no one would rob us. They can't leave," said store owner Dawn Broussard. But that's exactly what Eric Larocco and Amanda Matusick tried to do.

Lorocco allegedly used a knife to hold-up a new clerk. "The big man came around the counter and met my employee and put a knife to her throat and once he got her to open the cash register, he put her laying on the floor," said Broussard. The two made off with cash and headed down Highway 82.

The store owner found out the clerk was robbed at knifepoint and contacted a deputy who was able to get the area's two bridges moving, to prevent the robbers from leaving.

The suspects got about ten miles out of town when they were stopped in their tracks here at the Little Prairie Bridge, one of only two ways in or out of town.

The duo was greeted by flashing lights. Unaware until that moment, that their escape route was very, very flawed. That slip up has made them the laughing stock of the town. "I think it's kinda stupid that someone would even attempt that," said customer Floyd Copell.

Now, they're facing charges of armed robbery, shoplifting and possession of drug paraphernalia.