View Full Version : Baltimore State’s Attorney Loves Gun Control But Won’t Prosecute Gun Offenders

07-25-2017, 04:40 PM
Remember Marilyn Mosby? She’s the Baltimore State’s Attorney who charged six cops in the death of Freddie Gray to appease Black Lives Matter and the rioters who were burning the city to the ground. All six cops were acquitted because the charges were baseless, but the state’s attorney isn’t done using her position to fight for social justice. A new city law would impose a mandatory sentence for gun offenders, but Mosby has indicated that she will not prosecute the presumably black people who will be “victimized” by the ordinance.

WMAR reports that Baltimore is about to pass an ordinance that would impose a minimum sentence of 1 year in prison for anyone illegally carrying a gun near a school, park, church, or public area. The news noted that Marilyn Mosby was conspicuously absent from the debate on this proposed new law. The reason is because she vehemently opposes it.

“Am I for strengthening gun control in the city of Baltimore? I absolutely am. And if this ordinance passes, I will be using my discretion to go after violent repeat offenders,” said Mosby in a statement


cadillac shark
07-25-2017, 06:07 PM
but the state’s attorney isn’t done using her position to fight for social justice.

Yes she is. Her career's over. She's just filling a position till next Election now, when she's out of there. 5-of-the-6 wrongly accused Officers are suing her for millions.

So let's see her ''fight'' them.

Mosby's just sitting in an echo-y office making empty proclamations.