View Full Version : Trudeau Removing Warning Against FGM & Honour Killings From Citizenship Guide

07-26-2017, 01:27 PM
In a deeply disturbing move, the Trudeau government is making revisions to the Canadian Citizenship Guide, including the removal of warnings against barbaric cultural practices – including female genital mutilation (FGM) and ‘honour killings.’

As noted by CTV, “In the draft version (of the new guide), the reference to barbaric cultural practices is gone, as is the inclusion of getting a job as one of the responsibilities of citizenship.”

This comes as Canada Border officials are being warned of a surge in people entering our country to perform FGM – a horrible procedure that is considered abhorrent by civilized standards.

“Respecting the human rights of others” is voluntary?

As reported by CTV, the new guide would divide citizenship into “voluntary” and “mandatory” obligations. Shockingly, while paying taxes, filling out the census, and respecting treaties are all considered “mandatory,” the new guide plans to say that “respecting the human rights of others is voluntary.”

The combination of removing a warning against FGM and “honour killings,” and then saying respecting the human rights of others is “voluntary” is a total betrayal of Canadian values, and it should be disturbing to all of us

Presidential behavior - Obama style


07-26-2017, 02:17 PM
That's Canada.

In Michigan, we are prosecuting those cases, taking the children from parents and terminating their parental rights. That's what's happening right now with the case that made national headlines a few months ago, with the female Muslim doctor who was performing them in a private clinic, and was on staff at a local hospital at the time of her arrest.

I feel badly for the girls who were victimized like that. I hope that they get good homes for the rest of their teenaged years, people who will love them all the way into adulthood.