View Full Version : IRS makes shocking discovery as to why they have so many “problematic employees”

07-28-2017, 01:26 PM
The days when the IRS scandal was front page news are well in the rear view mirror, but that doesn’t mean that the agency has been purged of all its demons. They regularly run into issues with their workers acting out in the workplace, accessing people’s tax records inappropriately and, probably most commonly, not bothering to pay their own taxes. How does this keep happening? According to an internal IRS audit, one key reason has been discovered. After they identify and eliminate a delinquent worker, they keep hiring them back the following year without bothering to ask why they were let go the last time.

Despite promises to Congress, the Internal Revenue Service has yet to take advantage of a red-flag alert system designed to prevent it from rehiring past employees with blots on their records, a watchdog found.

During the push to expand staff for the annual filing season, the tax agency is supposed to comply with a provision in the 2016 omnibus spending bill that requires a review of any rehire with past conduct or performance problems ranging from tax delinquency to falsification of documents to disruptiveness in the workplace.

But the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that more than 200 of 2,000-plus former employees “whom the IRS rehired between January 2015 and March 2016 had been previously terminated or separated from the tax agency while under investigation,” according to a report released on Thursday