View Full Version : 7 Plead Guilty As Part Of $5 Million Rock Hill, SC Food Stamp Scam

07-30-2017, 01:21 PM
Seven Rock Hill women who received food stamps pleaded guilty Thursday to more than $20,000 in food stamp fraud at a Rock Hill store. Three of the store owners now face up to five years in prison for a $5 million food stamp trafficking scheme.

All who pleaded guilty Thursday in state court in York have to pay the money back to avoid jail time and probation.

The seven who pleaded guilty Thursday are: Kimberly Johnson, 28, $2,195 in fraud; Victoria Sanders, 25, $2,234; Dequitta White, 31, $3,070; Jatonica Williams, 31, $5,238; Brooke Rogers, 27, $2,134; Shenisa Davis, 36, $2,549; and Labrecia White, 24, $2,962.

Johnson pleaded guilty by herself. The other six pled in two groups of three.

The women avoided years in prison on felony food stamp fraud charges by pleading guilty to misdemeanor fraud charges and accepting the requirement to pay the money back. Each defendant received a 30-day sentence in jail that was suspended, and two years probation that will be dismissed if all the money is repaid by Dec. 31.

The sentence is typical of food stamp fraud because the feds don't want to push charges that should be made and enforced. The money will never get paid back. Why, well the women are impoverished because they are on food stamps.

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