View Full Version : Birdbrained Bimbo Calls Cops to Report Being Sold Poor Quality Meth

08-29-2017, 05:43 PM
In yet another dispatch from the “are you stupid or just stoned” desk, a Montana woman was charged with felony drug position after she decided to complain about the poor quality of some meth that she had scored.

33-year-old meth-head Margery Ann Dayrider (now there’s a name!) knows good meth when she shoots it as she is admittedly a three time per day user or in layman’s terms: a drug addict.

Ms. Dayrider claimed that she was having a strange reaction when the cops showed up and after they tested the substance, she was arrested.

If it was a pilot for a cable tv series, it would be called “Breaking Dumb” because let’s face it, the last people that you want to call when you are in possession of methamphetamine are the local police