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12-01-2008, 11:49 AM
Dr. Mike Adams, a brave soul! He is a rarity among acedemia! He gets right in the face of diversity!

Gotta love him! (http://townhall.com/columnists/MikeSAdams/2008/12/01/letter_to_a_handcuffed_feminist)

Dear Handcuffed feminist:

I want to thank you, first of all, for taking the time to attend my recent speech at Duquesne University. I don’t know how you managed to handcuff yourself, gag yourself, and then place a sign across your lap saying, “Kick the feminist.” I’m just glad no one in the audience accepted your invitation.

I was concerned that you would jump up and interrupt me at some point during the speech. I was surprised that you did not. I was even more surprised that, at the end of the speech, someone came up and handed me a note saying “This is from the handcuffed chick. She wanted me to give it to you.”

Your note, indicating that you had to leave the speech early because you were working the late shift, was pleasant in tone. I hope you weren’t offended that I did not use the e-mail address you supplied in order to e-mail you the next day per your request. There’s just something about a handcuffed feminist that kind of scares me. So I decided to discard the message and go drink a few beers with a couple of chicks who came to my speech wearing black dresses (and no handcuffs).

I received your email message the day after my speech, which indicated that you agreed with the content of my speech and which offered your assistance should I ever be prevented from speaking on a college campus in the future. I noticed that you closed your note by stating that you hoped I did not mind your little protest outside the door of my speech.

I am writing to you today to let you know that I did mind your little protest outside the door of my speech. I really got nothing positive out of it. In fact, I was annoyed with it because it is part of a major problem on our college campus today; namely, the use of protest simply for the sake of protest.

It is my contention that the self-described college liberals of your generation are even more spoiled and less informed than the college liberals of the 1960s. Generally speaking, you (and your generation of liberals) are inclined to protest against things you don’t understand – basing your protests on vague emotions rather than specific facts. You come to protests completely unprepared to offer any kind of solution to the problems – the same ones you fail to understand. And, finally, you are most concerned with drawing attention to yourselves at speeches – as opposed to actually drawing information from the speaker.

Let me provide you with some examples I’ve observed at some of my speeches:

Protestors of my speech at The University of New Hampshire broke into glass cases and spray-painted swastikas on my picture. Then, when my speech was over, the protestors asked really pointed questions like “Do you want to bring back slavery?” and “Do you think it’s OK to beat a gay person with a baseball bat?” Remarkably, after the liberals had vandalized my posters, one liberal asked if I could learn to be a little more civil in my discourse. He went through the line three times to ask me that same question.

Like I said, the protestors have no idea what they are protesting – the speech wasn’t about legalizing slavery and the assault of gays. But the protestors do manage to draw a lot of attention. Indeed, UNH provided five armed police officers and a police escort (which I refused) to take me back to my hotel.

Protestors of my speech at Appalachian State University couldn’t think of a single objection to the substance of my points so (in the middle of the Q & A) they ran out of the room after shutting off the lights in the auditorium. The audience just sat there in the dark wondering why the un-bathed protestors were angry.

We never figured out their objections to the substance of the speech but they did manage to draw attention to themselves. People just scratched their heads – sort of like they did when they saw you sitting in the handcuffs.

Continued (http://townhall.com/columnists/MikeSAdams/2008/12/01/letter_to_a_handcuffed_feminist?page=2)

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