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12-01-2008, 04:30 PM
SHERMAN — Scott Loftus has one of the biggest animated light displays in central Illinois, and it’s all in his own yard.

With about 100,000 lights, the animated display at 105 Xavier Drive in Sherman is set up so the lights blink in time with a 43-minute, nine-song loop that is synchronized through a computer program.

“It’s relaxing for me,” Loftus said. “I can get out here and get away from everything that’s going on around me.”

Loftus’ love for Christmas decorations began about 17 years ago, when he would decorate his mother’s apartment balcony in Riverton with 500 to 600 lights. When Loftus and his mother later moved into a house, his self-proclaimed “craze” for illuminated devices truly took hold.

Loftus and a neighbor would hold competitions each year to see who could put up the most lights, with Loftus eventually using about 2,000 of them in a display.

Those earlier incarnations pale in comparison to Loftus’s 100,000-light spectacular, which he puts on display from Thanksgiving until a few days after Christmas.
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link (http://www.sj-r.com/homepage/x541371658/Watt-a-light-show)

Come on people, no slacking with the Christmas decorations. :D