View Full Version : Pope Francis Slams Trump Over DACA After Admitting He Doesn’t Know What DACA Is

09-13-2017, 05:33 PM
Many people have called Pope Francis the “Progressive Pope” because he’s pretty much Elizabeth Warren in a funny hat. If there was ever any doubt to the Pope’s liberal street cred, this should erase it. After admitting he doesn’t know anything about DACA, Pope Francis slammed President Trump for cancelling it. Is there anything as liberal as popping off on a subject with complete ignorance of the issue? Maybe blaming everything on racism, but this is a close second.

As you know, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was a law illegally passed by Obama which gave amnesty to nearly a million illegal aliens. President Trump cancelled this unconstitutional order and pushed the responsibility to Congress (where it belongs) to pass a legitimate immigration reform bill.

On a plane ride back from Colombia, the Pope spoke to reporters. He was asked to comment on Donald Trump’s decision to cancel DACA:

During the interview, Francis admitted that he’s unfamiliar with the particulars of DACA, or with Trump’s decision. But he is confident about one thing: Separating children from their families doesn’t align with a pro-life attitude, because it “isn’t something that bears fruit for either the youngsters or their families.”

DACA really has nothing to do with reproduction or separating families for that matter. The illegal aliens who were temporary protected by DACA are children of illegal aliens. If they end up getting deported, so will their parents. That’s not splitting up a family; that’s keeping the family together