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10-11-2017, 06:07 PM
Last week a gay coffee shop owner in Seattle refused to serve a group of Christians and even said he wanted to sodomize Jesus Christ. To my knowledge that establishment is still open and the owner has faced no backlash. Around the same time a pair of restaurant owners in Arizona professed their support for the United States of America and liberals are so outraged that the business might have to shut down. Am I the only one who sees something fundamentally wrong with this?

Christopher Smith and Jay Warren are owners of Cup It Up American Grill near the University of Arizona in Tucson. They are both patriotic Americans who recently made this now-deleted Facebook post:

We believe in and support 100% in the following:

Our President Donald J. Trump
Always Standing for the National Anthem
The United States Armed Forces
First Responders
Repealing Obamacare
Drug screening for welfare recipients
Legal immigration
The Bill of Rights
Less Government
In God We Trust

We DONíT believe in or support the following:

Those who DONít respect our President, Armed Forces, and First Responders
Kneeling for the National Anthem
Fake news
Political correctness
Global warming
Big government
Hate groups and hate crimes
Late night hosts getting political
Celebrity ďexpertĒ opinions

Okay, so these guys are conservative and love their country, whatís the big deal? Apparently everything. According to Tucson.com, this post was only up for 3 hours before the leftist rage made the owners take it and their entire Facebook page down. Their Facebook 4.9 star rating went to to 2 stars in the brief time the post was up. The restaurant actually shut down briefly because of the liberal rage.

The owners apologized in a statement saying, ďOur decision to bring our personal political beliefs into a business forum is regretful, and for this we apologize to all,Ē but you know that conservatives arenít allowed to say they are sorry, especially for simply expressing their conservative views. The outrage from the left was so intense that the owners are considering shutting down the restaurant permanently. A third owner, who appears to be Hispanic, has hired a lawyer so he can cut his legal and financial ties to Smith and Warren.

ďItís hate feedback and itís for one reason only and itís that we showed our support for Donald Trump. There was nothing that we put in the post that was absolutely wrong and terrible in that we supported our president and our troops,Ē said Smith.

And yet when liberal-owned business disrespect our flag, country, and President, they donít get run out of business. A liberal restaurant owner in Hawaii banned Trump supporters, calling them Nazis. He didnít catch any shit. A liberal restaurant owner in Maine banned anyone who supports the 2nd Amendment. She was praised for her courage


Angry Old White Man
10-11-2017, 06:32 PM
Don't think I would want any coffee from that place, even if I saw him wash his hands first ... just saying :biggrin-new: