View Full Version : Muslim Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Accuses All Other NFL Owners Of Racism

10-14-2017, 05:33 PM
Even millionaire Muslims havenít quite figured out that assimilation thing. Shahid Khan is the owner of the Jackson Jaguars and the only Muslim owner in the NFL. Youíd think just being rich would allow him to bond with his fellow millionaire/billionaire owners, but thatís not how Islam works. Instead of finding camaraderie with them, Kahn came and said they are all a bunch of racists. Iím guessing he sits a table by himself at the leagueís annual ownerís meeting.

Kahn did an interview with Crainís Chicago Business and of course they had to talk about race, Trump, and the National Anthem.

ďYouíve got a bunch of 85-year-old guys who donít think theyíre racist, but they are racist,Ē said Kahn of his fellow owners.

Why? How? Kahn doesnít say. Thatís the cool thing about calling someone a racist. You just do it and never have to explain or back the statement up with proof.

Making this accusation of racism even worse, sometime after the interview Khan clarified that he had heard the other owners were racist and it was not something that he actually knew. If you donít know someone is racist, donít make a statement that they are racist. Itís really that simple.

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