View Full Version : Taxpayer-Funded High School Caught Enforcing Muslim Agenda As Assignment Revealed

10-21-2017, 01:53 PM
In many schools across the country, students are no longer even allowed to take a “Christmas Vacation” or attend a holiday program. Most even passing mentions of religious holidays or traditions are gone from the average public school classroom. This was done in the name of being open to a wide range of religions as well as not to favor any one faith. As more classes become pretty generic as far as religion goes, it is alarming to see how some school districts force the Muslim faith onto their students.

High school kids in a Massachusetts public school are learning all about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but not from the view of any real historical value. Instead, they are being forced to pretend they are on a religious trek to Mecca. They are not learning about both sides of the conflict. Instead, they are taking a personal journey as a member of the Muslim faith. Newton Public Schools are currently walking students through what it feels like to be a Muslim and the values associated with the religious journey to the holy city.

A recent study of the overall teaching tied to this lesson uncovered some very alarming information. The textbooks are not shedding any light on the issues as viewed from both sides of the conflict. While there is a great deal of focus on the violence coming from the Israeli side of things, they seemed to leave out any mention of the violence tied to the Islamic world.