View Full Version : 80-Year-Old Woman Rescued From Compromising Situation As Son Rushes To Authorities

10-21-2017, 02:10 PM
Sad news broke out of Texas late last evening as an elderly woman was in serious danger until her savior came along. The elderly woman was home alone when a stranger broke into her home and chased her around the house and eventually cornered her in the bedroom.

It was at this time that the woman began screaming louder than she previously had but the man was already undressing himself to sexually attack the woman. Luckily, her son arrived home and found the attacker in his boxers on top of his mother and so he chased and beat the man until the authorities arrived.

The 60-year old man that saved his 80-year old mother arrived home from work to hear his motherís screams coming from inside the house. When he entered the house and realized the screaming was coming from the bedroom, he rushed upstairs to find out what was ailing his mother. What he found must have sent him into a fury as he found Jacobo Zelaya, 43, pinning his mother down on the bed.

The son chased the rapist off of his mother and began chasing him around the house and beating him along the way. Zelaya managed to escape from the property but the damage was done and the police were on the way. Police managed to arrest Zelaya later that same day and he admitted to sexually assaulting the elderly woman when he was pressed during interrogation.

One of the odd and challenging things about a story like this is the lack of concrete immigration records or status of the individual. Some sources have reported that Zelaya was in fact an illegal immigrant whereas more mainstream sources did not even mention the immigration status. This could be taken as a sign that the suspect was indeed an illegal immigrant because main stream sources are usually quick to point out that they were citizens or they avoid the topic entirely, as with this case

Any odds on immigration status ?


10-22-2017, 01:42 AM
I think you're right. The odds are strong that the attacker was an illegal alien. Good for the son! That shows you what rage and adrenalin can do.