View Full Version : Tom Hanks on Harvey Weinstein: ‘There Were People Who Knew Exactly What was Going On’

10-24-2017, 04:44 PM
Hollywood veteran Tom Hanks addressed the Harvey Weinstein sex assault scandal this week in an interview with NPR’s David Greene, saying those “who knew” what the disgraced movie producer was doing to young women have to ask themselves some hard questions.
Asked if he or Hollywood were complicit in enabling the rampant sexual harassment in Weinstein’s orbit, Hanks said, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he didn’t feel responsible for it but is “sure there were people who knew exactly what was going on.”

And those people who knew about the abuse have to ask themselves: “Did you aid it? Did you abet it? Did you warn people against it?”

Hanks, who’s promoting his new book, Uncommon Type, said powerful men in Hollywood who prey on women “think, somehow, this is how it works. ‘Don’t you understand, this is how it works, I’m your boss and you will have to please me.'”



10-24-2017, 04:53 PM
Gump is trying to act like he is above the fray, that is so precious.