View Full Version : Muslim refugee in Obama 'Welcoming City' busted for pedophilia

10-25-2017, 03:55 PM
A Muslim refugee from Burma, also called Myanmar, is facing multiple sexual assault charges after he allegedly tried to kiss and fondled four girls between the ages of 7 and 12 in a New Hampshire town that just over a year ago became one of President Obama’s “Welcoming Cities.”

Police said the incidents allegedly occurred at some kind of gathering but were not more specific.

Mohammod Rafique, 27, a member of the Rohingya Muslim minority that is fleeing Burma, has been living in Nashua, New Hampshire, for almost two years but speaks no English.

Police cracked the case open after a 10-year-old Nashua girl told her family, then police, and then child-welfare advocates that a man “drank too much, (became) ‘touchy-touchy,’ rubbed her upper thigh and touched her buttocks,” according to the Telegraph, Nashua’s local newspaper.

Rafique also grabbed, fondled and tried to forcibly kiss the girls, according to reports.

Rafique has been unable to communicate with his attorneys or corrections staff, his lawyer told the Telegraph, and she tried to get his bail lowered earlier this week but was unsuccessful

I guess he's waiting to learn English until his PHD thesis in molecular biology is translated into English.

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