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10-27-2017, 11:59 AM

Bill Ludwig was out of options. The retired New Jersey resident had gone through so many rounds of chemotherapy for his cancer that heíd lost count. A clinical trial at the National Institutes of Health had almost killed him. After nearly 10 years of battling leukemia, Bill couldnít handle a bone marrow transplant.

ďI asked God every night to give me the strength to fight one more day. I didnít ask him to cure me because there was no cure. So, I asked him for the strength to fight,Ē Bill says.

Then, Bill was given one more weapon in the battle. It was 2010, and his oncologist at Penn Medicineís Abramson Cancer Center, Alison Loren, MD, was one of the investigators on a new clinical trial for patients with the same type of leukemia as Bill.

As it turned out, Billís last defense was inside him all along. Called CAR T-cell immunotherapy, the investigational treatment involves programming patientsí own immune cells to recognize and kill cancer cells. Itís the first treatment of its kind, pioneered at Penn, and Bill would be the first patient to undergo it.

At the time, researchers didnít know what to expect. ďWe have no idea what itís going to do or how itís going to work,Ē Dr. Loren told Bill.

Bill had been Dr. Lorenís patient for nine years, and she says by 2010, with all the side effects from years of treatment, this could be the best chance to greatly improve his quality of life. Bill agreed.

Picture from the article. My wife took this in Myrtle Beach this past May.