View Full Version : Drug Company CEO Arrested As Bribery Uncovered, Authorities Take Charge

10-30-2017, 04:36 PM
The Justice Department has struck a decisive blow in the opioid epidemic. An influential, billionaire pharmaceutical executive was arrested on racketeering charges Thursday.

Federal prosecutors allege that under the guidance of owner and former CEO Dr. John Kapoor, Insys Therapeutics violated multiple federal and state laws in their aggressive sales strategy for a new type of opioid the company had developed called Subsys.

Subsys is “a painkiller 100 times more powerful than morphine that was approved by the FDA for cancer patients whose agony can’t be relieved by other narcotics alone… In addition to its strength, the other element that sets Subsys apart from other painkillers is the way it’s used — it’s a spray that is absorbed underneath the tongue…”

The drug is intended for cancer patients experiencing bouts of excruciating pain, yet Insys encouraged physicians to prescribe the powerful opiate to as many patients as possible. When insurance companies complained, Insys began lying about patient medical histories.

“It was absolutely genius,” Patty Nixon, an Insys company employee turned whistleblower, told NBC News. “It was wrong, but it was genius…What I did, I was instructed to do, I was trained to do.”

Nixon said that she now has deep regrets